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Angel Fund-Cancer Patient Support

The Angel Fund is used only after our Social Worker determines that all other sources have been tapped.  It is typically used to provide stop-gap funding for food, prescriptions, transportation, and utilities.  Public transportation for 30 radiation treatments runs $360.  When you’re already financially strapped, this can become an obstacle to getting the necessary treatments.

Community Initiatives

COVID Heroes

Your gift helps support healthcare employees who are COVID Heroes.

Employee Emergency Financial Assistance Fund

UNC Lenoir Health Care staff in a temporary financial hardship where the situation is caused by a defined, time-limited, specific event such as loss of family income, fire, natural disaster (flood, tornado, hurricane, etc.), theft of property, death of immediate family, accident, loss of property disease, extended illness or disability.

Nursing Scholarships

Your donation will go towards nursing scholarships.


Highest and best use, discretion used if donor does not select a Cause.

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