nurses with foundation donation basket

Lenoir Hospital Foundation Provides $95,387 in Grant Funds

nurses with foundation donation basket

Shown left to right are UNC Lenoir Family Birth Center nurse Lisa Sowers, with fellow nurse and Lisa’s daughter, Peyton Sowers. They hold a newborn essentials gift basket that all babies receive upon discharge. Nearly 400 baskets are provided with the Lenoir Hospital Foundation grant.

Lenoir Hospital Foundation recently provided $95,387 for 2022 funding to support UNC Lenoir Health Care projects.

The Lenoir Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization that supports the mission of UNC Lenoir Health Care which is to ensure exceptional healthcare for the people we serve.

Nine special projects were funded enhancing patient and overall community health.  Projects focused on education, outreach, technology and medical interventions.

  1. Wyntus Walk Mobile Pulse Oximeter Testing Device: A wrist worn pulse oximetry device that allows hands free testing to evaluate hospital patients for home oxygen qualifications with a six minute walk test by the Cardiopulmonary Department.
  2. Blanket Warmer: The Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Unit will use warm blankets from a warmer placed on the unit for a frail patient population.
  3. Rx Food Coupons for Lenoir County Farmers Market: Coupons used with persons in the diabetes program to increase access to fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  4. Community Health Improvement Programs: Support for community outreach screenings for mammograms, colorectal cancer and hypertension. Support for drug abuse prevention education materials for community event.
  5. Diabetes Monitoring Supplies for Discharge: In-patients with diabetes who are uninsured and without diabetes monitoring supplies are issued monitor and strips at discharge.
  6. Minges Wellness Center Exercise Bikes: Six stationary indoor exercise bikes for low-impact cycling classes with application for user tracking with every ride.
  7. Newborn Care Discharge Baskets: Newborns discharged from UNC Lenoir will receive a newborn gift basket with essential newborn care items.
  8. Rehabilitation Vehicle: The Acute Rehabilitation Unit will use this vehicle to practice and improve patient car transfers prior to going home.
  9. Two Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers with Renovations for Installation: Changes in wound care center management starting in May will require the purchase of two hyperbaric oxygen chambers with installation renovations in order to treat community patients with non-healing wounds.

“Our goal is to enhance the work of our hospital. We select projects that are meaningful to the care we provide in our own community”, said Margaret Williams, Foundation Board Chairman. “This year we began a new process for a once-a-year grant cycle. The Board approved these funds and we were thrilled to be able to support all requests this year. Donations to the Foundation reflect the generosity and appreciation for what we do here and we are so grateful.”

Leaders at the hospital identified projects that would benefit from grant support and asked the Foundation for assistance outside of the regular hospital budgeting process.

The Lenoir Hospital Foundation was established over thirty-five years ago to receive and steward private donations for the purpose of enhancing patient care through support to UNC Lenoir Health Care. For more information about the Foundation please go to