Lenoir Hospital Foundation Funds a 2nd Tru-D Smart UVC Unit

The Lenoir Hospital Foundation funded a second Tru-D SmartUVC unit for UNC Lenoir Health Care in 2020.

Lisa Brown, Environmental Services operations  director shown with the hospital’s two Tru-D units

Tru-D SmartUVC − short for “Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfection” − is a mobile, automated UV disinfection system just purchased and installed at our hospital to completely disinfect patient areas. We now have two of these advanced units. It works by generating UV light energy that modifies the DNA structure of an infectious cell so that it cannot reproduce, and a cell that cannot reproduce cannot colonize and thus potentially harm patients and staff. The technology allows hospitals to confidently disinfect their patient environments, including ICUs, patient rooms, surgery suites, emergency rooms, and public areas – killing pathogens (such as influenza, norovirus, coronavirus, Clostridium difficile, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and other bacteria, including Ebola) that can compromise patient outcomes. Tru-D is an intuitive system designed to complement a hospital’s comprehensive cleaning and disinfection program.


“We’re so excited to welcome Tru-D as the newest member of our environmental services staff,” said Lisa Brown. “This technology will prove to be an added line of defense to protect the integrity of our health care environment and ensure improved patient outcomes.” The Lenoir Hospital Foundation funded the second Tru D UV light unit for UNC Lenoir Health Care in 2020 through the generosity of donations from our community and employees.